Police in Jerusalem
Police in JerusalemReuters

Police on Wednesday were able to stop a potential terrorist attack after they tracked down an Arab girl whose family had reported her missing.

According to family members, the 15-year-old sent out a message on social media that she would “soon be famous” and her name would be mentioned in the media.

The girl, who snuck into Israel from Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, was staying with relatives in Beersheva.

After she went missing, the family in Beersheva called police, who quickly opened an investigation as to her whereabouts.

Using “intelligence and technological methodologies,” police said in a statement, they were able to track down the missing girl, tracing her to a Beersheva train station.

She was detained and questioned, and told police that she was on her way to Jerusalem to join up with acquaintances there and “stab Jews.”

She was placed under arrest and will remain in custody until the investigation against her is completed, police said.

In a statement, police said that “the department's southern region was prepared to deal with any threat with additional manpower, and will provide an immediate response to any unusual or suspicious activity.”