Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud AbbasSTR/Flash 90

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israel of "executing" a 13-year-old Palestinian teenager - one of two teenage Arab terrorists who carried out a brutal stabbing spree in Jerusalem on Monday.

Ahmed Mansara carried out the attack in Pisgat Ze'ev along with his 15-year-old cousin Mahmoud, which left a 25-year-old man seriously injured and a 13-year-old Jewish Israeli boy fighting for his life in critical condition.

But in a speech broadcast on PA television, Abbas echoed the position of many Palestinians on social media, who have been distributing pictures of Ahmed lying wounded on the floor and claiming he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by Israelis.

Israel "executed the child Ahmed Mansara in cold blood, just like they do to other children in Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories," Abbas said.

But apart from the lack of context, there is one small problem with Abbas's claim: Ahmed Mansara was not killed. He was hit by a car as he and his cousin ran along a busy street holding large knives and evacuated in serious condition - but still alive - to Israel's Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, where he is still being treated.

His 15-year-old accomplice was indeed shot dead after charging at police with his knife.

Their religiously-fueled rampage through the streets of Jerusalem was recorded almost in its entirety by CCTV cameras, in harrowing footage released today by police.

Abbas continued his speech by repeating his claims that Israel is seeking to ignite a "religious war" over the Temple Mount by changing the "status-quo" - namely allowing Jews to pray there - despite Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu repeatedly insisting Israel would do no such thing.

He then added he was only interested in "peace," calling on Palestinians to join the "peaceful,  popular resistance" against Israel.

In Jerusalem, the Israel Prime Minister's Office reacted angrily to the speech, accusing Abbas of continuing his campaign of "incitement and lies."

"Abu Mazen's words this evening are words of lies and incitement," the PMO said, referring to Abbas.

Regarding the accusations concerning Ahmed Masara's "execution," Netanyahu's office noted that "the youth he was talking about is alive and being treated at (Israel's) Hadassah (hospital), after he stabbed an Israeli child who was riding on a bicycle."

Firing back at Abbas's claims regarding the Temple Mount, the Netanyahu's office noted it was not Israel but rather the PA and other Arab groups who were challenging the "status-quo" by seeking to prevent Jews from visiting the Mount.

"While Israel guards the status-quo on the Temple Mount, Abu Mazen with his words of incitement cynically uses religion and in so doing encourages acts of terror."

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotoveli also responded to Abbas's address.

"Abu Mazen and his men continue with their lies and incitement," she said. "His accusations legitimize murderers and terrorists - at times children - to go out and attack.

"The blood of our injured and the murdered citizens are on his hands."