Sergeant Major Moshe Chen, a police officer in the Judea-Samaria District Traffic Police who was injured Sunday in an attempted suicide bombing just outside Ma'alei Adumum, recounted his ordeal to the press Sunday afternoon. 

Police initially stopped the terrorist's car after it began smoking. 

"She was suspicious, she was wearing a kerchief on her head, she spoke haltingly and was nervous, I did not understand much of it," Chen stated. 

Chen went to his car to get a fire extinguisher when the terrorist's car exploded. 

Even though the blast caught him in the face, he heroically made sure that bystanders did not get hurt. 

"After the explosion, I asked everyone to spread out, there's a terrorist here," he said. "I saw people come out with weapons to help me, so I told them not to shoot, she's already wounded, while I called security forces for backup." 

"I felt the impact, my face burned," he added and said, "my instinct was to get out of the car and help extinguish the fire, but then I realized this was a female terrorist." 

"I realized that as a result, this saved many people," he reflected. "I heard there was a gas canister in the car and she wanted to attack in Jerusalem."