Avi Naim
Avi NaimHezky Ezra

The heads of the Judea and Samaria local councils have called for taking down the protest tent in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's house, and instead to show support for the government's actions against terror.

The supporter for the move include Beit Aryeh Council Head Avi Naim, Jordan Valley Council Head David Elhiani, Ariel Mayor Eli Shviro, and Efrat Council Head Oded Raviv. They insist that the tent be removed by Tuesday.

"We must not incite the debate and allow political parties on both the right and the left to take advantage of the terror wave that has resulted from reckless Palestinian incitement," said Naim.

He added that "the task of the moment is to calm the situation and our job is to support the Prime Minister and his struggle against terror. I am calling for public and widespread expressions of support for the Prime Minister, including from those who set up the tent."