Metal detector at Yafo Gate
Metal detector at Yafo GateJerusalem District Police

Jerusalem district police responded to the wave of Arab terror, which has been gripping the capital and spreading to the coastal region, by placing metal detectors at the Old City.

"In accordance with the decision of the Internal Security Minister and the police chief, metal detectors are currently being placed in the Old City," announced the police in a press release Thursday, with the intention apparently being to catch knife-wielding Arab terrorists.

"As part of operational preparedness and the increase in the checking of suspects, metal detectors are now being placed at Yafo Gate, Damascus Gate, Hagai Street, Via Dolorosa and Hashalshelet Street."

"The metal detectors will be mobilized in accordance with an assessment of the situation, and an analysis of the ground and the threats, with the goal of raising the protection of the security of residents of the city and its many visitors."

The statement concluded by saying, "the Jerusalem police continue to be prepared with bolstered forces on the city's roads with an emphasis on the east of the city, around the Old City, and alleys, and this tool (metal detectors - ed.) is in addition to the variety of means being employed, both revealed and covertly."

Metal detector at Yafo Gate
Metal detector at Yafo GateJerusalem District Police

Despite the increased presence of police officers and security forces, a stabbing attack took place in Jerusalem on Thursday morning.

In the attack, a 25-year-old yeshiva student was seriously wounded and another man was lightly wounded. The stabbing took place at the Ammunition Hill light rail station, in front of national police headquarters. The terrorist managed to escape.

That attack preceded similar stabbings in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Arba.

In response to the terror wave, high schools in Jerusalem shutdown on Thursday, protesting the limited security at the school buildings and demanding that the government allot budget to deploy guards until the end of the school day, instead of until the early afternoon.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Thursday called on Jerusalem residents to carry personal firearms to increase the security in the terror-beleaguered capital.