Border Police outside apt where Liat Ohana struggled against Hatam
Border Police outside apt where Liat Ohana struggled against HatamFlash90

Kiryat Gat resident Liat Ohana had been returning home from a routine shopping trip Wednesday when she was accosted - right outside her door. 

"He grabbed my shirt. I could see that this would be the end of me," Ohana recounted, hours after Palestinian terrorist Amjad Hatam broke into her building. Hatam, who Palestinian Arab media now claims was just 17, had just stabbed an IDF soldier and snatched his gun. 

"I managed to get into the house with the shopping, and intended to close the door - he opened it with his gun and grabbed me," she told Walla! News

Ohana kept remarkably calm, however. She grabbed the end of his gun, screamed, and moved the conflict into the stairwell. 

Hatam then realized that the weapon did not have a magazine. 

"He went into the kitchen to look for a knife and tried to stab me," Ohana said. She shouted to her aging mother to flee. 

"He fought with me and I fought back so he could not stab me," she continued. "He then turned back again into the apartment and we managed to flee." 

In the meantime, Ohana went running from door to door, warning the neighbors; a neighbor on the sixth floor kept her and her mother safe. She estimates Hatam, who was later eliminated by the Border Police, was waiting in her apartment to strike the next person who walked through her door. 

Ohana's bears a chilling similarity to the testimony of Ribi Lev-Ohayon, 38, who barely escaped an Arab lynch mob in Gush Etzion Wednesday morning. 

Terrorists tried to drag Lev-Ohayon from her car and beat her to death, and she escaped - in her words - by a "miracle."

"In the moments when they hit me I told myself: that's it, I'm dead," she recounted to the press earlier Wednesday. "My daughters will be left without a mother.'"