Yehuda Glick
Yehuda GlickArutz Sheva

Prominent mainstream media journalists are laying the blame for the recent terror spate in Jerusalem on Yehuda Glick – a central activist for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, who survived an assassination attempt last year – and other Jewish Temple activists.

“There is no doubt that everything that has been going on in Jerusalem lately is directly connected to the Temple Mount,” pronounced Channel 10 anchor Oshrat Kotler Saturday evening in an interview with the military correspondent, Alon Ben David. “Why are Jews allowed to ascend to the Temple Mount and is that not a violation of the status quo?”

Ben David replied that it is the job of security forces to protect the Jews who wish to ascend to the Mount and if anyone should be barred, it is the Muslim rioters,

Ynet's political correspondent Attila Shumfalvi, for his part, did not bother to wrap his opinions in a question, when he tweeted Sunday: “Netanyahu and Erdan know that the violence on the ground can be quieted if they hermetically seal the Temple Mount to ascent for one month. But they are controlled by Glick & co., and are hesitant. As usual.”

Glick responded: “Mr. Attila, the day after the attempt to assassinate me, they closed off the Temple Mount hermetically for one day, and the next day Netanyahu went to apologize personally before Abdullah & co. From this I understand that when you say 'hermetically seal,' you are referring to closing it off to the Jewish victims of violence. So you are another one of those who is convinced that Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism. It sounds much better in German.

"Terror is something you fight, not run away from,” added Glick. “When you run away from it, it continues to chase you down.”