15 year-old Moshe Malka is on the mend after being stabbed near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday night - and he regards his survival as nothing more than a miracle. 

"I thank God that I was saved by a miracle; I could have died," Malka recounted Sunday morning to Arutz Sheva, speaking from his bed at Shaare Zedek hospital. "Now I will take with me something for self-defense, I will not walk around like that in the street."

"The general feeling among Jerusalemites is fear to walk around the city streets, defenseless." 

Malka had been walking toward the Old City from his yeshiva when he was attacked. 

"During the walk I saw an Arab who looked as if he's waiting for something to happen, and then began running toward us with a hand in his pocket," he recounted. "We started to run away, I got stuck on the sidewalk and he began to stab me."

Both attacker and victim dropped to the pavement, buying some time - but the terrorist still got away. 

"A friend of mine saw him and sprayed him with tear gas, but the terrorist escaped," Malka said. 

Malka's friend then called for help. 

"I didn't feel blood until I touched my shirt," he reflected. 

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat notified Malka early Sunday that security forces had caught and killed the terrorist, and called Malka a "hero." 

But Malka is simply thankful to those who came to his rescue. 

"I survived through a miracle," he said. "If my friend had not sprayed him with tear gas he would have continued to stab me." 

"I thank God I was saved." 

Yoni Kempinski and Tova Dvorin contributed to this report.