Rock-throwing Arabs
Rock-throwing ArabsSTR/Flash90

Israel Police and the IDF arrested Palestinian Arabs across Israel Friday, after hundreds participated in terror against Israeli military forces and civilians. 

Over 200 Palestinian Arabs waited for police forces at Rachel's Tomb in Beit Lehem (Bethlehem) Friday afternoon, throwing rocks and firebombs and burning tires at the Jewish holy site. 

In Hevron, an angry Arab mob threw burning tires at police forces; no injuries were reported. 

Earlier Friday, Israel Police arrested a 25 year-old from Shuafat in Jerusalem on suspicion of attempting a terror attack on a Border Police officer in the Old City. The suspect could be seen in security footage trying to throw firebombs at civilians and patrols - just as the Old City is teeming with people due to Shabbat and the Sukkot holiday. 

Miles away, near Beit El in Samaria, Arabs from Kfar Jilazoun threw burning tires and rocks at IDF forces and civilians along the road leading to the community. 

עימותים בבית אל

In response, hundreds of Jews flocked to the site and blocked the road; the IDF responded by throwing tear gas canisters on both sides clashing at the site and using riot dispersal measures. 

The chaos follows the brutal murders of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin, who were murdered by Fatah terrorists late Thursday between Itamar and Elon Moreh in Samaria. The Henkins' four children were in the vehicle at the time. 

Multiple terror groups praised the murders Friday, including Hamas, Fatah, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and the  the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).