Results come despite close military cooperation
Results come despite close military cooperationReuters

Despite the peace treaty between the two countries, Egyptians see Israel as the "most hostile" of their neighbors, a poll has found.

The survey, conducted by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), asked Egyptians their opinions on 26 countries.

On top as the state Egyptians saw as friendliest to their own was fellow Sunni-Arab state Saudi Arabia, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Oman, Tunisia and Morocco respectively.

In ninth place - and the highest ranking non-Arab state - was China, followed by Russia.

A surprising inclusion in the "friendly" category was neighboring Ethiopia, with which Egypt has had a longstanding, often overtly hostile dispute over water resources.

In all, six countries ranked as "hostile." In first place was Israel, "with different categories of respondents showing very much the same reaction to Israel," according to pollsters.

Egypt and Israel signed a peace deal in 1979, and the two countries are currently cooperating closely in the security and intelligence spheres, most notably in combating jihadist terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza. However, anti-Semitism is still prevalent among Egyptian society, and the Jewish state is viewed with hostility as a result.

Rounding off the top five countries perceived as hostile was the US, Iran, Turkey and Qatar, respectively - all countries Egyptians see as having hostile designs of some kind towards them.

The sixth and final country listed as "hostile" was none other than Denmark, which is still the subject of hatred among many in the Muslim world over cartoons of the founder of Islam Mohammed published by a Danish paper 10 years ago.