The Government Press Office conducted a tour on Thursday for foreign journalists stationed in Israel following the recent wave of terrorism and violent rioting in Jerusalem. 

During the tour, journalists visited the sites of recent terror attacks in the capital, including the place where Alexander Levlovich, 64, lost control of his car after being attacked by Arab rock-throwers on the first night of Rosh Hashana. 

Levlovich's son, Nir, also came to the site to speak as part of the Israeli hasbara (advocacy) effort. He told Arutz Sheva that while he "dived straight in" to the tour, it was his first time visiting the place his father was killed. 

"There are feelings of sadness, feelings of loss," he said. "I think that's the most precise word for the situation we're in. In one moment, the most important person in your life is gone and you feel loss and you ask yourself why. Why did this happen? Why is this the situation you or we are facing?"

"My father's death is not a private death," Nir said, describing the meaning of his father's murder. "We felt that at the shiva. It's already become part of Israeli culture, and in Israeli culture death and mourning are a part, but sometimes you can stop and change course."

"I was taught if you take the same course and the situation doesn't change, then perhaps you should go in some other direction and find a solution. It's not for me to recommend a solution but I'm sure there is a solution."

"It doesn't matter what course they choose, but they must find a solution to the [security] situation in Israel, and Jerusalem, in particular," the bereaved son emphasized. 

"The situation my father was caught in seems to have been caused by incompetence," Nir said, adding that "it's time to change the reality because we deserve another reality."