Anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian protester
Anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian protesterIsrael Advocacy Movement

Police in London have opened a criminal investigation into an anti-Israel protester who called to kill all Jews in Israel and then went on to deny the holocaust.

The incident was one of several ugly displays of anti-Semitism on show during a demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to London earlier this month, which also featured open support for Islamist terrorist groups.

One female protester - later identified as a member of the extremist Palestine Solidarity Campaign named Pamela Hardyment - approached pro-Israel counter-demonstrators and subjected them to a torrent of abuse. At one point she told pro-Israel activists that Jews should be ethnically-cleansed from Israel; when she was told "You’ll have to kill them all," she smirked and responded "Well, so be it."

The criminal investigate came in response to a hate-crime complaint filed on Thursday by the Manchester-based Jewish Human Rights Watch group.

Police have not made any arrests yet over the incident, which was one of several examples of anti-Semitic abuse caught on tape during the rally.

In one case a man was briefly detained for goading Jewish protesters by waving money, and even throwing a coin at them.

Another pro-Palestinian protester was also caught on camera openly justifying the holocaust.