Jerusalem District Police held on Tuesday a citywide police exercise against terror in preparation for the fast-approaching High Holidays. 

During the exercise, facilitated in cooperation with the Jerusalem municipality and emergency and rescue authorities, police officers simulated various crisis situations, cooperation between parties, and responding to each event. 

The exercise is part of a series of exercises within the Jerusalem District over the past year to review and improve police preparedness, train officers in operational response and strengthen cooperation between security and emergency teams in the city. 

The goal is that police officers will apply the lessons learned in these exercises and work to constantly improve security for residents of and visitors to Israel's capital. 

Jerusalem District Commander Moshe (Chico) Edri said "such exercises are designed to continually improve the operational readiness of police officers and emergency rescue agencies in the city for a variety of events."

"The Jerusalem District, along with the dedicated and determined commanders, policeman and Border Patrol officers, will work hard during the High Holiday season to enable residents of the district and its many visitors to celebrate the holidays with security," Edri vowed.