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An Egyptian muezzin (prayer caller) who was either trying to appeal to the young set in a village north of Cairo, or who had a sense of humor, is in hot water, after he replaced a traditional line about how “Prayer is better than sleeping” with one that elevated prayer over Facebook use.

Mahmud al-Moghazi of the village in Beheira province has already been suspended for the gaffe, in which he replaced the traditional line in the traditional Muslim call to prayer with the line “Prayer is better than Facebook.”

Villagers, aghast at the adjustment, reported him to the state religious authorities, which suspended him immediately after hearing about the Saturday incident.

He is now to be charged with “demeaning Islam” and failing to carry out his duties as a religious functionary.

For his part, al-Moghazi denies the story, claiming that it was made up by Muslim Brotherhood operatives, who are seeking to get him out of the local mosque and replace him with one of their own.

Speaking in a television interview over the weekend, he said that he had “forbidden” people to use the mosque because of the political intrigue there, and had gone on a hunger strike to protest the accusations.