Polish canal
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A three-year-old Israeli boy passed away on Thursday, two days after drowning in a canal while on a family vacation in Poland. 

An investigation into the incident found that the family, who lives in Israel, was enjoying a cruise on the canals in southeast Poland, when suddenly, as the ship docked at the marina, the boy fell into the water. 

The boy was pulled from the water and was rushed unconscious to the hospital.

He was sedated and on a respirator for two days before succumbing to his wounds on Thursday. 

Nissim Eitan, Consul of the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw, met the family and along with the Israeli Foreign Ministry helped prepare the body to be brought for burial in Israel. 

The body of the boy is expected to arrive in Israel in the coming day. 

Three days ago, a six-year-old Israeli boy drowned in a hotel swimming pool in the Turkish resort town of Kamar, where his family had been vacationing.

The body of the boy, identified as Eitan Tityevsky, was flown to Israel for burial.