Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea ScrollsFlash 90

Ancient artifacts that have yet to be unearthed in Israel could turn up on display in a museum dedicated to the Bible opening in Washington in 2017, AFP reported on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Museum of the Bible said it will fill its entire top floor with a selection of priceless items from the Israel Antiquities Authority under what it called a "multi-year agreement."

Because Israel has 39 archaeological digs now underway, "some of the artifacts that might be displayed... may not even have been discovered yet," it said.

The Israel Antiquities Authority maintains the country's National Treasures, whose two million items include the entire Dead Sea scrolls collection.

It is mandated by the Israeli government with responsibility for all archaeological matters in the Jewish state.

Privately funded, the $400 million Museum of the Bible, three blocks from the Capitol, is "dedicated to the impact, history and narrative" of the holy book.

Its holdings already include the so-called Green Collection of nearly 40,000 objects that include rare texts and artifacts going back to biblical times.

AFP contributed to this report.