Seized fiberglass rolls
Seized fiberglass rollsCustoms workers at Nitzana Crossing

A media gag order was lifted on Monday morning, revealing that customs workers at the Nitzana Border Crossing into Gaza together with general security services thwarted the smuggling of two tons of fiberglass cylinders into Gaza at the start of the month.

The fiberglass cylinders were discovered in a suspicious shipment, which according to the statement of the Gazan importer was supposed to contain only clothes and fabrics. An investigation unearthed the cylinders, which are forbidden for import into Gaza.

General security services estimate that the fiberglass was intended for usage by terrorists in Gaza, since it is a basic raw material used in constructing long-range rockets.

Illustrating the danger, fiberglass rockets were fired at Kibbutz Palmachim located to the south of Tel Aviv during last summer's war.

A similar smuggling attempt was thwarted just last week at Kerem Shalom Crossing, when fiberglass threads hidden in a shipment of equipment for Gazan schools was discovered. The school supplies were being shipped in ahead of the start of the school year.

The Israel Security Agency (ISA) released in a statement that it will take legal steps against the smugglers in both cases.

Terrorists in Gaza are manipulating every possible means of rearming by hiding raw materials to craft weapons in humanitarian shipments, said ISA.

Dozens of smuggling attempts have been thwarted since the beginning of the year, including aquatic diving suits, polyurethane rocket propellant materials, sulfur bars and special coal used as fuel in iron-working furnaces.

Hamas has long been upgrading its missiles in preparation for its next attempt to destroy Israel, and has been forced to rely on its domestic rocket program given the IDF naval blockade cutting off weapons supplies from its foreign backers.