Iran nuclear talks in Vienna
Iran nuclear talks in ViennaReuters

Around 50 hard-line students and activists in Iran staged a rally, calling on the parliament to reject the landmark nuclear deal reached with world powers last month, The Associated Press (AP) reported on Sunday, citing Iran's official IRNA news agency.

The report said the protesters carried signs outside the parliament building decrying the agreement as an "injustice to our nation."

Lawmaker Zohre Tayebzadeh addressed the crowds, claiming the deal crosses "red lines" by allowing the United States to supervise Iran's uranium enrichment program.

Iran's parliament and the Supreme National Security Council, the country's highest security decision-making body, are to consider the agreement in the coming days, noted AP.

Iran’s hard-liners have been critical of both the talks with the West that preceded the agreement, as well as of the agreement itself.

In November, a protest outside an atomic facility in Tehran saw hard-liners criticize government negotiators.

About 200 people, mostly students, had gathered at the entrance to the Tehran Research Reactor to protest the negotiations with the West.

President Hassan Rouhani has been the subject of harsh criticism from hard-liners over his attempts to reach a deal with the West.

Rouhani has fired back at his critics, calling them “political cowards” and suggesting they “go to hell”. In June, he hit out at critics of his drive for a nuclear deal with major powers, saying they belittled the impact of sanctions on ordinary people.