Heat wave (illustration)
Heat wave (illustration)Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Another intense heat wave has made its way to Israel - the third since the start of the summer. 

Although overly high temperatures made themselves felt on Saturday, the Israel Meteorological Service has forecast Israelis will experience the peak of heat on Sunday. 

Temperatures are on the rise across the country and it will be severely hot and dry in Israel's inland and mountainous areas. The coastal plain will be steamy and humid, but winds are expected, as well. 

A slight drop in temperature will occur on Monday, but heavy heat will persist across the country ranging from above average to torrid. 

Relief from the heat will only come on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it will still be hotter than Israel's average temperatures for August. 

Sunday's high temperatures are forecast as follows: Golan Heights 40°C (104°F), Sea of Galilee 43° (109°), Haifa 35° (95°), Tel Aviv 33° (91°), Jerusalem 37° (99°), Beersheva 41° (106°), Dead Sea 45° (113°) and Eilat 46° (115°). 

Health officials have called on the Israeli public to take the following precautions to prevent heat stroke and dehydration: avoid physical exertion, drink plenty of water and stay in air-conditioned areas. 

Israel's last heat wave claimed the lives of two people - an 18-year-old soldier who collapsed during a tour of Jerusalem's Old City and a baby girl traveling with her family in the North.