Price Tag graffiti
Price Tag graffitiFlash 90

A tent used by Bedouin shepherds for storage was found destroyed Thursday morning, and graffiti found scrawled nearby said that the attack was a “price tag” action.

There were no witnesses to the burning of the tent, which was used to store equipment, but security officials are conducting a massive search for the culprits.

The incident occurred outside Ramallah, at a village called Ein Samyah, and apparently took place overnight Wednesday. In light of the recent arson in the Arab village of Duma, in which two people, including a baby, were killed, Israeli officials said they were not taking any chances. Ein Samyah is several kilometers away from Duma.

Officials are operating on the assumption that the incident is a hate crime, because of Hebrew graffiti reading “tents of revenge” and “price tag” scrawled nearby. Officials are searching for a vehicle that was seen driving in the area.

Although several people – most notably Meir Ettinger, a grandson of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane – were arrested after the Duma arson incident, no one has been charged in that case.

Speaking Tuesday, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said that “we are still in the midst of a wave of attacks in response to the arson and murder in (the Samarian Arab village of) Duma. Not that there weren’t attacks beforehand, but it is certain that some of the attacks we are seeing, such as the car attack against soldiers near Shiloh, are in response to what happened in Duma.”