Members of an activist group which helps residents of impoverished south Tel Aviv were violently attacked Sunday by an illegal immigrant, who hit them with boards, footage reveals. 

The activists had arrived Sunday morning with municipal inspectors to assist the residents of the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood to clear large piles of waste which had accumulated since Tel Aviv became a prime destination for illegal immigrants over the last 3-5 years. 

At one point, after city inspectors left the area, a verbal confrontation erupted. It deteriorated into a violent attack, where the illegal migrant can be seen hitting residents with a large board. 

The attack ended after several minutes when bystanders intervened. The victim, Elisheva Gidon, filed a police complaint against her assailant, who was then taken into police custody for questioning. 

"I was in the street when the riot broke out and the woman began to attack me, shouting terrible curses," Gidon stated to Arutz Sheva. "When I told her that she had come out of Egypt and to go back there, she attacked me violently with a board."

"Bystanders did not help us, they were probably too afraid to get involved," she added, noting she has fractured ribs from the attack.

"The fact that our presence as a group on the street, which is largely infiltrators, was enough to ignite this fire," Sheffi Paz, who filmed the incident, stated. "The attack surprised us completely."

"We have been accustomed to swearing and spitting, but this is the first time I encountered such violence," Paz continued. "To date, we have seen such violence only among the infiltrators."

"If the government does not come to its senses, this problem will blow up in all our faces and it will not be just a problem of the residents of south Tel Aviv. "

Orly Yogir, CEO of Israeli Immigration Policy Center said, "Contrary to popular opinion, the situation in south Tel Aviv is not improving but getting worse by the day."

"While the flow of immigration into the country has decreased, the population of infiltrators is settling in more today and we are witnessing the creation of immigrant neighborhoods without law enforcement, in which violence is celebrated - and Israeli citizens fear for their safety."

Actually, recent statistics suggest that infiltration in Israel is on the rise again, after 15 illegal immigrants jumped the Sinai security fence built to stop them in one weekend earlier this month. 

Brutal crime committed by illegal immigrants has tragically become a common occurrence, particularly in southern Tel Aviv where a large concentration of the infiltrators live, but the horrific crimes have largely gone without condemnation by leftist rights groups and women's groups - or the Supreme Court which has repeatedly struck down legislation aiming to deport them.