PA Security Forces (file)
PA Security Forces (file)Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority (PA)'s Fatah movement has formed a new militia to protect villages against "settlers," after the arson attack on the PA village of Duma last month which killed an infant and fatally injured his father

For now, the militia will only operate in Qalqiliya, where it will coordinate and report to local police and security forces.

Fatah's representative in Qalqiliya, Mahmoud Waloul, stated that the forces will also only operate in those village close to "settlements" - Jewish Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) - to protect against "settler attacks."

He added that efforts are underway for the militia to become a "national" force throughout the PA, and that volunteers protecting the villages must adhere to "legitimate" means of defense only that follow international law.

The arson attack at Duma has been attributed to "Jewish terrorists" by both the IDF and the political echelon, but no arrests have yet been made conclusively proving Jewish or Israeli involvement.