A man identified as a Christian tourist from France who visited the Temple Mount while carrying an Israeli flag was attacked by Muslims this Tuesday morning. The incident has been reported in various places, and has gone viral on social media, where pictures of the bleeding protester in police custody are being widely circulated.

Arab eyewitnesses claim that the man waved the flag near the Dome of the Rock before a mob descended on him. During the beating, he was hit on the head with a rock.

Police reportedly intervened and forcibly escorted the bloodied man out of the compound, then detained him for questioning. Three attackers, including a member of the Waqf Islamic trust which administers the site, were reportedly arrested as well.

According to police, the tourist's act of showing an Israeli flag at the holiest site in Judaism violated the location's code of conduct.

Video showed the man identified as the tourist, wearing a green shirt, being taken away by police and bleeding from the head. Another video purportedly showed the arrest of a Waqf man.

While the Temple Mount is inside of Israel, it is ruled by Muslim authorities based in Jordan known as the Waqf. The Waqf insists on Muslim supremacy and tries to ban Jews and Jewish symbols from the site.