Jerusalem district police arrested a Jewish youth on Monday for his "crime" recorded on video the day before, when he said while leaving the Temple Mount that "Mohammed is a pig," in reference to the founder of Islam.

The youth was arrested on Monday morning after arriving at the Kotel (Western Wall), and was brought in for interrogation.

The arrest made for making the statement - made all the more surprising given the ongoing open calls for violence by Arabs against Jews at the site which is the holiest in Judaism - comes after 20-year-old Avia Morris was arrested last Friday for saying "Mohammed is pig" when faced by hostile Arab women hurling threats at her on the Temple Mount.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who is representing the youth, said, "it isn't clear if the Jerusalem police don't understand or don't want to understand the decisions of the court."

"Instead of arresting the Arab rioters who make provocations and incite against Jews on the Temple Mount at all times, they choose to arrest precisely the side coming under attack," he charged.

Ben-Gvir's statement comes after Arab mobs violently rioted on the Mount on Sunday for the Tisha B'Av fast day mourning the destruction of the First and Second Temples at the site.

In making the arrest Monday, police said they would not allow provocations and disturbances to public order by both Jews and Muslims at the site - even though in the case of Morris, she and other Jews were arrested while the Muslim women who provoked the standoff by surrounding the Jews and shouting "Itbach al-Yahud" (slaughter the Jew) were not arrested.

"Don't remain silent"

Morris told Arutz Sheva on Sunday that she visited the Temple Mount last Thursday as part of a group with women and babies, and "throughout the walk, for about 40 minutes, we were surrounded by dozens of Arabs screaming at us and following us - they shouted 'Itbach al-Yahud' (slaughter the Jews), Allah Akbar (Allah is greater) and made the ISIS (Islamic State) gesture." 

She revealed that police let the Arab women freely curse and approach the Jews, and furthermore the police threatened the Jews, saying "if we were to say one word they would take us down from the Mount and arrest us."

"They did not stop their attempts to hurt our feelings and to try to insult Judaism - at one point, after more than an hour of provocations and humiliations, I decided to respond," she recounted. "Only after we began to respond and I said, 'Mohammed is a pig' - then the police distanced them from us, suddenly they were able to keep them at bay."

Radical leftists filmed the exchanged and gave the footage to the police, who arrested Morris at her home in the Binyamin area just north of Jerusalem right before Shabbat. In court they claimed Morris provoked the riot, but the judge overruled the claims after the whole video was presented. Nevertheless, she was given a temporary ban on entering Jerusalem's Old City.

"It is impossible to remain silent over humiliation of the Jews on the Temple Mount, and the incitement to murder against us," she said. "When we accept it, the police chief does not address it. Only if we begin to respond back will the police know how to silence them."