Malachi Rosenfeld hy"d
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Residents from the Arab village of Silwad northeast of Ramallah held a mass celebration on Monday night - over the death of an Israeli whom Hamas terrorists targeted in a shooting attack earlier this month. 

A convoy of cars ran through the village waving the Hamas flag and shouting encouraging slogans over the death of Malachi Rosenfeld, according to Palestine magazine. Rosenfeld, 26, succumbed to wounds he sustained in a terrorist shooting attack near the communities of Shvut Rachel and Kida on June 29.

"The motorcade is to celebrate the recent terror attack of the Al-Qassam Brigades [Hamas's "military wing" - ed.] near the Shvut Rachel settlement near Nablus [Shechem - ed.]," Palestine said.

It added that residents of Silwad feel proud because the terrorists responsible hailed from their settlement, and condemned the arrest of two of the perpetrators by the Palestinian Authority (PA)'s security forces as a "stab in the back of the armed struggle." 

Last week, the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) arrested a Hamas terror cell responsible for the attack; the same cell carried out another shooting attack two days earlier, at an ambulance and other Israeli vehicles.

The head of the cell is a Hamas terrorist, Ahmad Najar, who was released during the 2011 Gilad Shalit deal; after he was deported to Gaza, he resettled in Jordan and transferred money and instructions to other Hamas terrorists from there via his brother Amjad, a Silwad resident.