In a new shocking testimony to the Muslim desecration of the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount, video has surfaced showing an Arab clown performing for Arab children at the holy site.

The video - posted to Facebook on Friday by nationalist activist Baruch Marzel - shows the clown performing by tying balloons into funny shapes, speaking in a funny high voice and generally entertaining, all while framed by the Dome of the Rock Mosque.

Masses of mulling Muslims can be seen passing by and watching the performance in the video, unperturbed by the very unsanctified behavior at the site Muslims claim is holy to them. The video can be seen by clicking the image below.

Regarding the sanctity of the Temple Mount for Muslims, Islam claims that the site is the third holiest in its view, and Muslims praying at the site face Mecca, turning their backs on the Dome of the Rock.

The Temple Mount, still under the de facto control of the Jordanian Waqf ever since Israel liberated the site in the 1967 Six Day War, has been the site of an ongoing struggle for Jewish rights. Police have capitulated to Waqf demands that Jews not be allowed to pray at the site, despite Israeli laws mandating freedom of worship.

In contrast to the clowning permitted for Arabs, police have banned Jews from drinking water at the site, or even bringing Jewish symbols with them to the Temple Mount - those symbols have at times even included grape juice. Over the Muslim month of Ramadan Israel made unprecedented concessions to Arab visitors in terms of ease of access.

Arabs at the Temple Mount have repeatedly desecrated the holy site by playing soccer games; in one warped case last December, police arrested a Jew who requested a soccer game be stopped at the site - despite the fact that in September 2013 promises were made to enforce the law passed by the High Court years ago banning the soccer games on the holy site.

Likewise Arabs have tried to erase the Jewish nature of the site, where the First and Second Temples stood, by destroying ancient Jewish artifacts and building illegally.