In a blatant red flag for the security of Israel's capital city of Jerusalem, a pro-Hamas Arab TV channel documented how Arabs freely cross the expensive security barrier erected in the eastern part of the city, in a video report posted to the channel's Facebook page on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Arab Quds TV, which features a strong pro-Hamas bent and is possibly affiliated with the genocidal terrorist organization, exposed in their video report how Arabs use a ladder to scale the wall and a rope to rappel down the other side, in addition to underground methods to circumvent the barrier.

After hopping the fence, the video shows they are free to traverse Israel, and even visit the Temple Mount, which is the holiest site in Judaism - likewise, their freedom of movement would enable them to conduct terror attacks at will, a troubling prospect given the number of attacks in Jerusalem in recent months.

To view the Arabic media report, click the image below.

Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King, who has previously warned that police security cameras have picked up thousands of Arabs streaming over the fence, shared the video on his Facebook page on Thursday, writing, "this video is dedicated to all the leftists (and the other naive people who believed them) who praised the wondrous security ability of the separation wall in eastern Jerusalem."

"For years I tried to convince many politicians that the fence has no ability to stop a lone terrorist or a cell of terrorists," shared King. "This video makes a joke of the hundreds of millions of shekels that (Ariel) Sharon, (Ehud) Olmert and (Binyamin) Netanyahu invested in establishing the 'security barrier'/'separation wall.'"

King charged that the fence was established by "politicians whose entire goal was to divide Jerusalem."

Deconstructing the proposed purpose of the fence, he noted it doesn't serve to separate, "since Arabs and Jews live on both sides of the fence," and it doesn't provide security, "since every terrorist, even those with heavy explosives or long-range weapons on their back, can cross the barrier which is so expensive and unnecessary."

King said that in his post holding the emergency and security portfolio at the Jerusalem Municipality, "I have warned for a long time that the Jerusalem police and Border Patrol do not have intelligence capabilities in the neighborhoods of the city on the other side of the barrier, and they don't have enough manpower to post an officer/soldier on the security barrier/separation fence every 50 meters."

The councilman called for three immediate steps to provide a solution to the security situation.

First, he called to remove the security barrier, and then to allow the police to return and patrol the neighborhoods that are currently on the other side of it.

The final step he called for is "to allow Jews to return and move about freely on all streets of the eastern part of the city, and to stop the policy of the last three governments, a policy of apartheid/Judenrein" consisting of "areas clean of Jews in our capital city."

In a comment to the video on the Arabic Facebook page of Quds TV, King wrote: "the day will come when we remove this ridiculous and expensive fence that the absurd left established, and then we will return the rule to all those neighborhoods beyond the security walls and fence, and return Israeli sovereignty to those areas that the left, aided by Prime Minister (Binyamin) Netanyahu, has started to transfer to the hands of the Palestinian terrorist Authority."