Saudi Arabia's King Salman
Saudi Arabia's King SalmanReuters

Saudi Arabia, which has long opposed a nuclear deal with Iran, on Tuesday warned Iran against abusing funds that will follow from the landmark deal it signed with the West to incite turmoil in the region, Reuters reported.

According to the report, the state news agency Saudi Press Agency said that Tehran must use the resources in the service of the Iranian people, "rather than using them to cause turmoil in the region."

The statement cited an unnamed Saudi official as per the kingdom's regulations, and added that the kingdom has always stressed the importance of reaching a deal that would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, a deal which includes a mechanism for permanent inspections of nuclear sites and a mechanism to re-impose sanctions if Iran violates the deal.

Riyadh is one of several Arab countries that had been expressing their concern about the terms of a potential nuclear deal with Iran. The major Sunni states have warned that a final agreement could allow Shiite-dominated Iran, their regional rival, to keep the technologies needed to produce nuclear weapons.

Saudi Arabia’s opposition to the deal was so great that in May, when Saudi King Salman decided not to attend a summit at Camp David with U.S. President Barack Obama, the move was seen as a snub of Washington due to the talks with Iran.

Former Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, who passed away just last week, in March spoke out against the impending deal with Iran, warning the Islamic Republic should not be given “deals it does not deserve”.