Iron Dome isn't just for incoming missiles from Gaza or Lebanon. The missile defense system is also effective against drones, tests by Rafael, maker of the system, showed. The tests were documented in videos released by the companies Monday.

A spokesperson for Rafael said that the system had long had the capability of hitting drone, even before it was first used against missiles in 2011. Company sources said that the videos would be used to help market the system to countries that may not be concerned about incoming short-range missiles, which Iron Dome is generally used for, but wish to better defend their skies against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The videos show Iron Dome rockets blasting both low- and high-flying UAVs out of the skies. An Iron Dome rocket was used during last year's Operation Protective Edge to destroy a drone Hamas claimed it had launched from Gaza.

The company said that the drone tests had nothing to do with an announcement several weeks ago that the Iron Dome system was to be upgraded with a number of new capabilities.