Palestinians waiting for aid in Yarmouk, Damascus
Palestinians waiting for aid in Yarmouk, DamascusReuters

Palestinian Authority officials are quick to accuse Israel of deliberately “targeting innocent Arabs” when IDF soldiers fire at rock-throwers and others who engage in acts of terror against Israelis, but they have yet to comment on the nearly 3,000 Palestinians killed in Syria in recent years.

To be precise, at least 2,910 residents of Syria identifying as Palestinians have been killed since March 2011 through July 12, 2015 – the day a report on the matter was released by the “Action Committee for Palestinians in Syria” on the matter. Most of those deaths have been extremely violent, the report said – with hundreds killed each month in bombings, firefights, torture in prison, starvation, mass executions, and drownings as they try to escape to Europe.

The number - like other casualty figures from the Syrian civil war - only includes those Palestinians whose deaths have been definitively confirmed, and does not include those missing or otherwise unaccounted for - meaning the toll is likely higher still.

Information about the prison torture – in which, the report said, nearly 80 Palestinians have been killed – was smuggled out by a freed Syrian prisoner, who sneaked photos and videos of the torture out of prison. At least 46 Palestinians have been beheaded by ISIS, which took over a neighborhood of Allepo where many of them live.

The victims were killed not because of any actions violating Islam, the usual motivation for an ISIS beheading, but as a “message” to Hamas, expressing the group's disappointment that the Gaza terror group has not implemented Koranic (shari'a) law in Gaza. ISIS recently issued a video threat that it would invade Gaza and destroy Hamas for this failure.

The PA has never commented on these atrocities; the only statements it has made on Syria is to call for international negotiators to attempt to bring calm between the warring parties.

There has been no attempt to bring charges against the government of Syria, ISIS, or any of the Syrian rebel groups in the International Criminal Court, as the PA has been doing against Israel. Israeli officials said that it was "unlikely" that this will ever happen.