Take your pick - or eat them all!
Take your pick - or eat them all!Credit: Konditorit Shabbatot Ve'Chaggim

Name: Konditorit Shabbatot Ve'Chaggim (קונדיטורית שבתות וחגים) (Translation: Confectioneries for Shabbat and Festivals)

Where: Hamalacha 5, industrial zone, Ariel

Owned by the sweet, talented Maya who worked under and alongside renown Israeli chef Hans Bertele, famous for his baking school, coffee shops, restaurants and TV baking programs.

Also sells a wide range of breads, desserts, cakes, cookies and personalized baked goods upon order.

Genre of food: Cafe-style.

What we ate: Breakfast - eggs of your choice, salads, home-baked bread, hot drink. They also let you take whatever you fancy from around the cafe and add it to your bill at the end, including bourekas, cookies, breads, etc. It's a nice, friendly touch, but requires plenty of self-restraint! 

How it tasted: Fresh, homemade, delicious.

Service: Not the fastest, as it is an independently run cafe and everything was made on the spot - but worth the wait.

Ambiance: Homely, intimate.

Decor: Small cafe style, lots of gingham, pink, checkered fabrics, hand written noticeboards, and a focus on cupcakes (which are delicious).

Cleanliness: Very clean, including washrooms.

Price ($ / $$ / $$$): Fairly good - $$

Best / recommended dish: You have got to try their hot chocolate. Seriously.

Would you return: Yes

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