FBI agent (file)
FBI agent (file)Reuters

FBI Director James Comey revealed on Thursday that US authorities had prevented several Islamic State (ISIS) inspired plots to murder Americans in the US on the July 4 Independence Day holiday.

Comey announced that over ten people who were influenced by ISIS's online recruitment campaign were arrested in the last four weeks, reports Reuters.

Of the jihadists, several had planned attacks on the Fourth of July holiday, but thanks to the swift action of law enforcement no attacks were carried out.

Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had warned local law enforcement ahead of July 4 to be on the lookout for attacks.

Comey did not divulge how many terror plots were foiled, or where their intended targets where.

However, he said that there are dozens of people in the US who are thought to be in close contact with ISIS terrorists, and who have "gone dark" through encrypted data.

ISIS inspired jihadists have attempted a number of attacks in the US, but authorities have so far shown great success in reaching the terrorists before their plans get off the ground.

In one case last month, a New York City college student was arrested for plotting a pressure cooker bombing attack in the iconic metropolis.