ISIS terrorist with flag (file)
ISIS terrorist with flag (file)Reuters

Islamic State (ISIS) has released another guide for inspiring jihadists - this time, one aimed specifically at the United Kingdom (UK). 

The terror group's previous guides have included instructions on how to defraud Westerners through online scams to build funds for attacks and on how to build homemade weapons.

However, while those guides have been more universal, this one reveals how to skirt gun laws in the UK, according to the Daily Mail, and contains numerous references to UK terror attacks. 

The guidebook, which remains unnamed, uses the cover of an Islamic charity organization, the daily added. 

Other instructions include how to build a bomb out of a soda can, how to build pressure cooker bombs, and how to build car bombs - as well as how to skirt anti-terror tactics from the British police. 

Terror activity in Britain has skyrocketed over the past several years, and ISIS has particularly used popular British cities as a prime recruiting ground. 

Just two weeks ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that the group was planning "terrible attacks" in the UK and that it posed an existential threat to the West.