If you like steak, this is the place
If you like steak, this is the placeThinkstock

Where: Tachana Rishona (Old Train Station), Jerusalem.

Specialty: Home-baked bread dishes and meat.

A nice feature of this restaurant is that the chef works in a glass kitchen at the front - so you can watch him kneading the pastry and baking in a taboon-style oven. Our two-year-old daughter particularly enjoyed this - it kept her entertained for hours!

For starters I went for a delicious home-baked bread stuffed with minced lamb and vegetables. The portions were big, and one between the two of us was more than enough!

Main course was a delicious steak dish in a rich red wine sauce, with choice of side dishes (rice or fries).

The meat was fantastic - cooked perfectly and very soft, just as the waitress described. The side dishes were OK but to be honest were relatively bland;  they should have been a little more exciting to fully compliment the excellent meat.

Service was mixed. The waitress was very helpful in guiding us through he menu, and immediately offered a high chair for our toddler. But at times staff seemed a little overwhelmed with the high turnover; at one point someone smashed a glass and no one came to clean it up.

Cleanliness: Very clean.

Decor/Atmosphere: Very nicely decorated, with the glass taboon kitchen a really fun feature. There was also a wall of wines, candles, and other subtle additions which enhanced the atmosphere very well. The restaurant also naturally benefits from the excitement and romance of the old Train Station itself. 

Price ($/$$/$$$): Expensive ($$$)

Best/Recommended Dish: Steak

Would you go back? I would not return with young children, but could well return for night out for a special occasion but would also be tempted to try somewhere new and exciting.

Overall a lovely atmosphere, great evening, tasty food but not overly exciting.

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