WhatsApp and Facebook (illustration)
WhatsApp and Facebook (illustration)Reuters

Eddie Yisraeli was simply trying to help out when he posted on Facebook on Monday, asking for strangers to attend a girl's Bat Mitzvah in Ashkelon. 

The event, which was arranged entirely by volunteers, was already in progress - but with very few attendees. 

"Once again, friends, it's time to step up - share quickly!!" he posted, alongside photos of a darling 12 year-old in a white dress and an empty events hall. "This is S., a 12-year-old Ashkelon girl from a family of little means. We set up a group of dear Jews who volunteered to make her a beautiful celebration for her Bat Mitzvah at the Shimshon Gardens events hall in Ashkelon."

"Unfortunately, the number of visitors in these moments is very small and we are afraid to see her disappointed," he continued. Several photos he posted were of an empty, but beautifully decorated, hall. 

Hundreds of people attended the Bat Mitzvah after the post went viral on Whatsapp, according to Walla! News, saving the day and the family's dignity. 

This is not the first time a viral post has brought hundreds of strangers to a life cycle event. Last month, over 100 people attended the funeral of a Holocaust survivor with no family in Israel after a concerned Israeli citizen posted on Facebook asking for help.