Prayer protest, Kochav Hashachar
Prayer protest, Kochav HashacharKochav Hashachar

Dozens of residents from Kochav Hashachar held morning prayers at the Kochav Hashachar junction Tuesday to protest the shooting attack overnight Monday/Tuesday in which four residents of the community were wounded.

Israel Police forces arrived and allowed the prayer session to continue, telling Arab drivers in the region to take alternative routes to avoid conflict. 

Many demonstrations are due to take place Tuesday night over the security situation in Judea-Samaria, including at Shiloh Junction, Tapuach Junction, and Kochav Hashachar junction, among others. 

"We protest the lawlessness and ongoing terror activities caused by the so-called concessions [to the Palestinian Authority] and protest against the removal of roadblocks and concessions to the Arabs during Ramadan destined for disaster," organizers of the protest stated to Arutz Sheva

"We are calling for settling the area where the attack was carried out." 

Four people were injured during last night's attack near Shvut Rachel, a community just outside of Shiloh. 

Shvut Rachel residents also called to settle the area further and build up the Binyamin region in response to the attack, noting that it would be a 'Zionist response.'