Scene of Kuwait terrorist attack
Scene of Kuwait terrorist attackReuters

Kuwait on Saturday detained the owner of a car that took a bomber to a Shiite mosque to carry Friday’s terrorist attack, officials said, according to Reuters.

The Islamic State (ISIS) group claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing against 2,000 worshippers praying at the Imam al-Sadeq mosque on Friday, one of three attacks on three continents that day apparently linked to hardline Islamists.

Officials in Kuwait said the bombing was clearly meant to stir enmity between majority Sunnis and minority Shiites and harm the comparatively harmonious ties between the sects in the country.

In a statement quoted by Reuters, the information ministry said Kuwait would faced the situation with "unity and solidarity". It reiterated what it called the government's strong stance on the freedom of religion and opinion, noting these were rights protected by the constitution.

The interior ministry, which reported the vehicle owner's arrest, said it was now looking for the driver who vanished shortly after Friday's blast in Kuwait.

A security source told Reuters "numerous arrests" had been made in connection with Friday's bombing.

Kuwait has stepped up security to the highest level at state-run oil conglomerate Kuwait Petroleum Corp (KPC) and its affiliates, the state news agency KUNA reported.

The attack in Kuwait occurred hours after a Muslim terrorist decapitated one man and injured several others in an attack on a French gas company. It was followed by an attack on a Tunisian seaside resort in which 28 people were killed.

The attacks occurred during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and ISIS group had urged its followers to step up attacks during the fasting month against Christians, Shiites and Sunni Muslims fighting with a U.S.-led coalition against the group.

But the State Department said there was no evidence so far that the three attacks were coordinated.

"I don’t believe investigators are at a level now that they know precisely what motivated each one of these and the degree to which Ramadan itself was a factor," spokesman John Kirby said.