Danino with injured Border Policeman
Danino with injured Border PolicemanPolice Spokesperson

The Border Policeman who was badly injured in Sunday's stabbing attack near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem regained consciousness on Monday and is communicating, despite the severity of his injuries. 

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino paid him a bedside visit on Monday morning and talked with his family.

"They told me what happened to him after the stabbing, it enhances his heroism," Danino said to the family.

"When I hear about the level of the injury and how he behaved after the injury - you should be proud of him. I'm proud of him as commander of this entire organization. He just went and acted like we expect a fighter at this level to act."

"This proves that the police officers and Border Police are the top line of defense protecting our citizens." 

"All these recent events show that we simply have heroes here, our soldiers are simply heroes," he added. "In all the recent events, they killed the terrorists or the terrorists were killed on the spot, or they were fatally injured as yesterday or they were injured and were caught immediately, and that means something about our determination."

Toward the end of his visit Danino said the fighter's family brought with him the Book of Psalms in particular. "This book is a special blessing. We all pray for his recovery, of course. We believe that he will come out of it."