Israeli children in bomb shelter
Israeli children in bomb shelterFlash 90

Israel’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, David Roet, lambasted a UN report on children in warfare Thursday, noting that in the context of numerous Islamic wars where thousands of children were murdered this year alone, “it is simply absurd that this report disproportionately focuses on Israel.”

The diplomat spoke at a UN Security Council open debate on a report titled “Children and Armed Conflict.”

Facing a typically hostile United Nations audience, Dep. Rep. Roet bravely spoke truth to power stating: “The reason for this skewed presentation is evident. Instead of being balanced, neutral, and focused on the facts, the report’s discussion of Israel is politicized, stained with interests, and distorts reality.”

Roet then went on to itemize the report’s distortion of reality, by quoting Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum who said, “our rockets are aimed at the Hebrews, the murderers, the Israelis, the criminals. . . our missiles accurately target the home of the Israelis and the Zionists.”

While Israel warns Palestinian civilians to leave affected areas, Roet argued, “Hamas voids international law by launching rockets from schools, hospitals, mosques, and other places children would usually feel safe.”

The diplomat also stated that while Israel “didn’t want” the war, Hamas had launched over 450 missiles against Israel before Israel responded – and that even this only happened after Hamas had fired 60 rockets in one day. Still, Israel did everything to de-escalate, and warned the populace in Gaza by dropping leaflets and sending texts, but again all this was ignored by the UN report.

He stated that these points were absent from the report, not because the UN “simply failed to notice” them. Rather, this was because, in Roet’s words, “The drafting of the report was marked at every level by widespread, systematic and institutionalized biased conduct against Israel.”

Roet gave numerous examples of how the working group, “conveniently forgot to inform Israel of the writing of the report,” and didn’t “seek input from Israeli authorities.”

But it didn’t stop there. The working group “flatly refused” to accept any Israeli evidence and facts. Instead, the working group “welcomed with open arms” information supplied by virulently anti-Israel NGOs.

But perhaps the must serious accusation Dep. Rep. Roet leveled against the UN’s report was its report statement that “the question of intent when determining responsibility will not be a crucial consideration.”

This means, he explained, that even if Israel's intent is to avoid harming children, using every available method, and Hamas has the specific intent of harming Palestinian children by using them as human shields, the United Nations is redefining international law - for Israel only - in stating that the “intent” doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that Israel harmed a Palestinian child.