Moshe Kahlon
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Kulanu chairman Moshe Kahlon's apology for Kulanu MK and former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren's remarks about US President Barack Obama weaken Israel, Attorney Yoram Sheftel said Friday. 

"This is an excellent article by Michael Oren, which shows by contrast the obsequious, cowardly and disgraceful attitude of the party of Finance Minister Kahlon," Sheftel fired.

"Oren shows Obama's shift towards the issue of permanent borders of the State of Israel - [which according to Obama] must be limited to the lines of the day before the outbreak of the Six Day War and the absolute prohibition of Israel to build a single house, not only in Judea and Samaria but also in Jerusalem, because it [allegedly] undermines the chances to reach a peace agreement." 

Sheftel explained how Oren revealed these turning points were made without any consultation with the State of Israel.

"Oren argues rightly that it was done deliberately to plunge US-Israeli relations to the lowest level, there is no serious person who could contradict these assumptions."

Sheftel then blasted Kahlon for rushing to appease Washington over Oren's accusations - especially since there are members of US congress who agree with Oren. 

"Dozens and dozens of members of the lower house of Congress said the same thing," he noted. "All candidates of the Republican Party harshly attacked Obama for his attitude towards Israel during their first press conferences on their presidential runs and accused him of single-handedly deteriorating US-Israel relations."

Sheftel notes that if US congressmen could stand up for their views on the issue - but Israel's own politicians can't - Kahlon's policy "dishonors us all" by setting a precedent of inability to criticize. 

"Did Oren present himself as a spokesman for Kulanu?" he fired. "He presented his experiences as a former Israeli ambassador to the US, and he deserves a compliment for it."