Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Binyamin NetanyahuKobi Gidon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu secured a victory in the Likud Central Committee on Sunday evening, as his proposal for a change in the Likud primaries was approved.

Netanyahu’s proposal stipulates that party members will choose candidates for the Likud’s national list, while the Likud Central Committee will select district representatives.

His proposal beat out a proposal by MK David Amsalem, who has long been pressing for Likud to return to its previous system.

As the result of the vote was announced, Netanyahu thanked the members of the Central Committee and said, "I want to thank the Central Committee members for showing responsibility, standing behind the proposal and voting for the good of the Likud and for the unity of the movement."

MK Amsalem made clear, even before the results were made public, that "over 2,000 members came out to exercise their democratic right and this is the great achievement of the Likud party. I visited today a number of polling stations across the country and enjoyed every minute.”

Amsalem continued, “There was no meaning to embarrass the Prime Minister, it's not personal and it's David Amsalem against Binyamin Netanyahu. This is a vote on the future of the movement.”

MK Amsalem promised to accept any result, adding, “I will act to strengthen the movement in any way the members decide to go.”