New technology being worked on at the R&D laboratory at the Ariel University could forecast earthquakes, Dr. Yuval Reuveni, head of the university’s remote sensing laboratory told Arutz Sheva.

“We’re trying to establish a huge platform that takes into account different remote sensing measurements. We’re trying to combine all the data in order to try to predict, assess and mitigate natural effects related to natural hazards,” he explained.

“We’re talking about possibly earthquake precursors, floods, severe weather storms, tsunamis,” continued Dr. Reuveni. “If we have the ability to actually forecast earthquakes, it will help thousands of people around the world.”

Asked about the latest calls to boycott Israel, Dr. Reuveni said he feels that personally he is not affected by BDS because “it’s science. Who cares where you’re doing it from? Especially what we’re doing, which is supposed to help the entire population of the world. If you’re developing methods to predict earthquakes or severe weather, that can help millions of people, no matter what their religion or where they live. That’s our goal.”