Tel Aviv school classroom (illustration)
Tel Aviv school classroom (illustration)Moshe Shai/Flash 90

A six-year-old at an elementary school in Rehovot overturned a table during a classroom fight, resulting in the injury of the first-grade class' teacher. 

The teacher, in her 60s, was evacuated to Kaplan Hospital for treatment. She suffered a minor injury to her leg. 

According to a preliminary investigation, Channel 2 reported, a fight broke out between the first-graders at the school. In his anger, one student threw over a table, which hit the class' teacher. 

She called the police as well as Magen David Adom paramedics and police rushed to the school to determine what had happened. 

The child was taken to the principal's office; his grandmother was also called in. The case was transferred to Israel's welfare authorities. 

Physical violence has become increasingly common problem in Israel's primary schools. 

Two weeks ago, Channel 2 reported, an elementary school principal in the Sharon area was attacked by a student. 

In a letter the principal wrote to the parents, she alleged the child had kicked her in the stomach and used verbal abuse against her. According to the principal, he went out to the quad, raised a large stone, and threatened to throw it at her. 

The child's family claimed, in response, that the principal was bullying the student.