Only 14% of American Jews are Orthodox
Only 14% of American Jews are OrthodoxThinkstock

American Jews are more likely to support a nuclear deal with Iran than the general American population, according to a poll published by leftist organization J-Street Wednesday. 

59% of Jewish respondents support a deal with the Islamic Republic, vs. just 53% of the general population, it said, citing a similar poll in April.

78% of Jews would allegedly support a deal involving intensive inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities and capping uranium enrichment to far below the level necessary for a nuclear weapon, it added. 

Overall, 66% of American Jews are following the Iran deal progress, but only 6% rank it as an important issue.

Meanwhile, J-Street also found that American Jews approve of US President Barack Obama's presidency more than the general population, with 56% approving vs. just 45% of the general population. The findings corroborate a Gallup poll published in April also noting Jewish support for Obama is higher. 

The leftist org also insists that many Jews (57%) believe Obama's disagreements with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu include "appropriate" criticism, with just 43% stating Obama has "gone too far." 

72% support a two-state solution to resolve tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs and 84% believe the US should play an active role in resolving the conflict. 

1,000 American Jews were polled by the GBA Center for the findings. 

J-Street's poll results contradict a multitude of polls published over the past six months illustrating, among other points, that US-Israel relations have become a deeply partisan issue; that US support for the two-state solution is the lowest in 20 years; and that, while American Jews are more supportive of Obama than the population at large, American Jewish support for Obama is falling overall

The leftist Jewish organization has also demanded that Israel negotiate with Hamas, the terrorist organization that calls for the genocide of Jews in its charter, and backed the Palestinian Authority's (PA) refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Reports have also revealed how activists of the group wore T-shirts glorifying a Palestinian Arab terrorist.