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US President Barack Obama's antipathy to Israel is not only a matter of public perception, former Ambassador to the US Michael Oren will reveal in a new tell-all book: it truly is a matter of his administrative policy. 

Oren's book Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, documents in detail Oren's experiences from 2009-2013. 

Unlike other accounts accusing Obama of a specific anti-Israel bias, Oren's words are expected to be received as highly credible, according to the New York Post - due both to Oren's reputation as a historian and the fact that he is not considered a "flame-breathing Israeli right-winger" by the political establishment or mainstream media. 

Oren recalls several events which show the Obama administration openly blaming Israel for political crises the Jewish state was utterly uninvolved with, according to the Post. 

One of those includes an account of then-Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides screaming profanities at Oren over the Palestinian Authority (PA) attempting to receive recognition as a Palestinian state in the UN in 2011, a move which, at the time, would have seen US interests in the PA shut down. 

Another includes Obama leaving Israel off the list of countries which offered aid to Haiti during the 2010 earthquake, even though Israel was the first country to respond to the crisis. The cause? The president was allegedly angry at the progression of peace talks. 

Oren adds that the only situations in which the Obama administration has openly supported Israel was during situations in which Israel was left helpless - e.g. during the Carmel forest fire. 

Ally hits newsstands on June 23.