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Arutz Sheva was on hand to cover Kenneth Abramowitz, co-founder of NGN Capital and founder of a blog about the threats facing the West called, as he addressed the Israel Day Concert in Central Park in New York on Sunday.

According to Abramowitz, America's success is due to three things: its ability to grow an economy, to protect both a secular and religious culture, and to protect itself physically from external threats.

However, he noted that the US has room to improve in all of these categories, remarking, "we could end anti-Semitism in two minutes."

"Anti-Semitism should be illegal just like racism, all we need is the president of the United States to stand up and announce that any university that engages in racism or anti-Semitism doesn't get federal funding - that would end anti-Semitism in one minute," he said to great applause.

Turning his focus across the Atlantic, Abramowitz said, "Europe is a dying continent. It's sad to see, there's no reason for Europe to be dying, but it's essentially committing suicide."

Explaining his pronouncement, he noted that due to Socialism European economies are not growing, that Europe "doesn't believe in itself anymore," and that European governments "can't even protect their own people."

"Remaining in the world are two strong countries, America and Israel, and we have to make sure they stay strong," he concluded.