Yair Garbuz
Yair GarbuzMoshe Shai, Flash 90

Yair Garbuz, the man who may have lost Zionist Camp/Labor the 2015 elections by railing against “mezuzah kissers,” joined the ranks of those he criticized in his infamous pre-election Rabin Square speech. Garbuz on Sunday affixed a mezuzah to his home, after being gifted one by the Samaria Residents Council.

The speech by Garbuz garnered almost universal condemnation, and in retrospect was seen – by MKs on the right and left – as instrumental in turning traditional “soft religious” voters away from the Left to vote for the Likud – and give Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's an unexpected 30 seats in the new Knesset.

Among the comments Garbuz made were comparing the Right to “thieves and bribe-takers, those who kiss the 'lucky charms' and bow down at the graves of the dead" (a reference to haredi and religious Jews who visit the tombs of dead rabbis – ed.), as well as sexual harassers. "How is it that this 'minuscule minority is ruling the country?,” said Garbuz, referring to the current Likud government and its partners. “How did this minority become the majority? How did this troublesome gang become so widespread? How is this group digging below us the worst of all tunnels, the tunnels of ignorance? How are they building a tunnel of hatred under us?,” Garbuz said, to the loud cheers of the crowd.

While Garbuz had no problem with the mezuzah, the piece of parchment that many Jews believes provides Divine blessing on their homes, he does not regret his comments, Garbuz told Channel Two. “Just the opposite,” he said. “Send me back into the square and I would say the same things all over again. I never said the word 'mezuzah' in my speech (although he did mention 'kissing lucky charms' – ed.) and I see no problem with affixing one. Some came to me to discuss what I said and what I didn't say, and they brought me a gift. I do appreciate it, and I am a polite person, so I affixed it.”