Beheading (illustrative)
Beheading (illustrative)Reuters

Job openings have emerged in Saudi Arabia on Friday for aspiring executioners looking to become the star of regular Sunday morning beheadings.

While beheadings are the trademark of Islamic State (ISIS), an expose by the Daily Mail Friday reveals that it is Riyadh - not Raqqa - which is looking to increase its public executions within the realm of the official judicial system.

An advertisement on the official Saudi Arabian civil service website promotes the rare openings, as the role of executioner is usually passed from father to son.

The legalized killers will be known as "religious functionaries," given a free scimitar and training, and then be responsible for "execution orders according to Islamic Sharia rules."

They will also be responsible for amputations for theft and stoning adulterers.

A full 89 people have been executed so far in Saudi Arabia in 2015, already surpassing the 2014 total of 87, according to the news site.

The executions are made a local event, with Riyadh residents encouraged to take their children to see the spectacle in "Chop Chop Square" in the capital.