Land Day protest in Dir Hana, in northern Israel
Land Day protest in Dir Hana, in northern IsraelBasal Awidat, Flash 90

The Cabinet approved Tuesday the formation of a ministerial committee – to be chaired by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – on the Arab sector.

The committee, which was established at the behest of Minister Gila Gamliel (Likud), who will serve as its vice chairperson, will be responsible for dealing with matters pertaining to Israel's Arab citizens.

Minister Gamliel said, "The formation of the committee is welcome news for the Arab sector in Israel. For me, moving forward on this issue is a genuine mission that will have a direct influence on reducing gaps, and on equality, in the State of Israel.

“The committee will hold in-depth discussions with sector representatives. We will evaluate the actions we must take to assist in reducing the gaps that currently exist in Arab society. In the coming period, I will arrange meetings with Arab MKs so that we might cooperate in advancing our common goal."