Israel-Syria ceasefire line on Golan Heights
Israel-Syria ceasefire line on Golan HeightsReuters

The UN is once again singling out Israel for criticism. The UN Watch NGO on Friday reported that the global body adopted a draft resolution portraying Israel as violating the health rights of Syrians in the Golan.

The resolution comes even though Israeli hospitals continue their life-saving treatment for escalating numbers of wounded Syrians fleeing the civil war in their country.

By a vote of 104 to 4, with 6 abstentions and 65 absent, the Jewish state was the only country in the world to be singled out on Wednesday by the annual assembly of the UN’s World Health Organization. The decision was ratified Friday in Geneva in a final reading by the plenary, noted UN Watch.

The resolution adopts two reports heaping blame upon Israel for allegedly violating the health rights of both the Palestinians and Druze residents of the Golan, and constituted the 2015 assembly’s only treatment of a specific country situation, the NGO said.

“There was no debate on the health of the Yemeni people now under indiscriminate Saudi bombardment, no mention at all of the 1,850 Yemenis killed, the 7,394 wounded, and the 545,000 displaced, many of whom are desperate to find food,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

On the contrary, he added, the representative of Saudi Arabia took the floor to denounce “Israeli intransigence,” and to beseech “all peace loving states” to adopt the distorted and politicized resolution.

“The despotic regime must have felt especially emboldened as the gathering took place adjacent to the Human Rights Council, where Saudi Arabia sits as a full member, elected in 2013 by more than two-thirds of the UN General Assembly,” said Neuer.

The resolution, he continued, falsely claimed a dire need for “health-related technical assistance” for “the Syrian population in the occupied Syrian Golan”  and said nothing about the Syrians being murdered in their own country.

“Instead, the scapegoating of Israel—in the form of a special debate, two lopsided reports, the resolution, and the publication of country submissions—provided a UN platform for Assad’s murderous regime,” said Neuer.

The latest anti-Israel resolution follows a motion in March, when the Commission on the Status of Women introduced a motion criticizing Israel for “violating the rights of Palestinian women.”

Israel was the only country to be criticized by the commission, which ignored countries which truly violate women’s rights such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon admitted in 2013  that the UN is biased against Israel, but he later backtracked on those comments.

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